Hooked on Boxes and Burls !

It just happened ! And soon it may end soon as the"box people" are cutting back and preparing to retire.

Well over 35 years ago it all started with a table saw in a duplex basement. Next thing you know our friends wanted one of whatever crude item of sliced wood we made. Huh? We were shocked ! So we tried a few local craft fairs. Success....!!!!

Long story short, we started making boxes exclusively about 30 years ago. Our skills, tools and location have all changed drastically since the crude beginnings. We have been a full time box only business for over 30 years.

We have many repeat customers or "collectors" as we like to call them. We attend fewer than 10 high quality art fairs per year now as we are getting older. We have won numerous awards for our boxes over the years.

Thanks for visiting our Box Shop BurlWoodBox on Etsy :)

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